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As Optometrists we offer sight tests, full eye examinations and contact lens fittings. Patients who are new to Leipzig commonly ask:

Is the sight test covered by national health insurance?

Currently eye tests at the Optometrist are not covered by public health insurance. Costs for lenses are partially covered if the prescription is above +/-6 Diopters or if the maximum visual acuity is below 2/6 or 6/20 (in Germany this is called 0.3). There will be a change to the law at some point in the future and sight tests may then be covered.

A free eye checkup can be booked with an Ophthalmologist. The Ophthalmologist checks the health of the eyes.

If you want to find out your current prescription and whether you need new glasses, you are right with us. Appointments are usually available within few days. In order to book an appointment you can call us or send us an email.


Sight test

The sight test includes you current prescription, visual acuity and a contrast sensitivity test.

Price: € 35,00


Full Eye Examination

Besides prescription and visual acuity we check eye pressures, visual fields, retina, cornea and carry out additional tests such as a dry eye checkup or cataract measurements.

Price: € 94,00


Dry Eye Checkup

The Dry Eye Checkup includes measurements of lacrimation, Meibomian gland tests and several tests of the surface of the eye. After the tests you will be provided with specific information on how to get relief from the Dry Eye. This may be lid hygiene, drops and ointments or nutritional advices.

Price: € 45,00


Contact lens fitting/ Contact lens checkup

If you have already contact lenses and visit us the first time or if you want to have a new contact lens fitting, we check the health of the anterior eye, determine your prescription and take measurements of the shape of your eye. Fitting lenses as well as a training on how to get on with your lenses are included.

Price: € 55,00


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