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Sight test

Sight test
Our free sight test includes the measurement of your visual acuity. This can also be done with your current glasses to check the visual acuity compared with previous measurements.
Price: free
We conduct comprehensive and accurate refractions and determine the lenses you need for distance, reading and computer vision. We also test and correct the alignment of your eyes (binocular vision and stereo acuity).
We recommend to book an appointment.
Price: € 19,00
Driving vision test
Book your driving vision test with us. Truckenbrod Augenoptik is certified to conduct driving sigh tests and is allowed to issue your certificate. You need to bring your own glasses if present.
Price: € 6,43
Domiciliary visit
We conduct the refraction at your house if you wish. Our portable equipment allows us to obtain accurate measurement but a refraction in our premises is even more precise. Therefore we recommend a domiciliary visit only if you want to use your glasses mainly at home. Please call 0341 9602725 to book an appointment.
Price: € 32,00 within Leipzig and Makranstädt
Modern instruments like Zeiss Video Infral and Zeiss Polatest are used for all measurements.