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Contact lenses

Sometimes glasses are not the best solution. This can be for cosmetic reasons for example if you don’t like wearing glasses or if you can’t find glasses that you would like to wear for a gala dinner. For some types of sports like martial arts glasses are not practical. Therefore it is better to use contact lenses for these occasions. For high ametropias, very different eyes or certain diseases like keratoconus contact lenses are better for optical reasons. We fit soft, RGP and special lenses.
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You would like to see clear without putting glasses on but you don’t want to wear contact lenses the whole day? In that case Orthokeratology may be a good solution for you. Rigid lenses reshape your cornea while you sleep. During the day you need neither contact lenses nor glasses to see clearly. The effect lasts for 24 hours after few days. Fitting of these lenses requires several visits. The reaction of the cornea needs to be measured after the first night, after a week and after one month. Ortho-K lenses can be fitted if you have myopia up to -4,5D and a cylinder up to -1,5D .
We advise you whether Ortho-K is suitable for your eyes.